Can anyone do this?

Yes, anyone with contacts and internet access can join Howdy if they are over 18 years old. When you sign up on Howdy and make referrals to suppliers within the system you are called crew. Also anyone you refer to the system to get referrals for suppliers are also called crew.

What is a sales page?

You get your own sales page where you share links to the suppliers to facilitate referrals. By sharing your own sales page, all leads that page receives are yours. So, share away.

Do I need to sell anything?

No, not at all – you are simply introducing a client to a supplier. No spamming we take this very seriously. Here is an example: a friend at work wants to buy a new car – you load this as a referral in the system for the car dealers. The car dealers will call your friend and facilitate the sale. You are done once you have made your referral. Once the referral turns into a sale you are eligible to be paid commission for that introduction. No sales at all on your side.

How do I set up a sales page?

Once you are signed up and logged in proceed to your profile page. On your profile page at the bottom there is a field for subdomain name:

Enter the subdomain you want and it will appear as XXXX.howdy.co.za – once you click save you will see your own sales page. Click on the link that is generated and you will view your own sales page. Now share away.

How are my referrals tracked?

Each referral done via the system gets a tracking number as it is allocated to a referrer. Once this referral turns into a sale you will earn a commission. You also have access to your own dashboard that displays all the referrals you have made.

Can I refer suppliers to join the system?

Yes, you can! You will also earn 5% of the first R10 000 the supplier pays out in commission. In effect, this means you earn R500 for referring a successful supplier who uses the system and generates sales that pays R10 000 commission.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No – no person pays to join the programme. You earn 5% commission of the crew’s commission you have referred to the system. This is not even a MLM / multi-level marketing system. You do not need to call and motivate your team members – chances are you may never meet the people you have referred to the system.

Is there a limit?

No certainly no limit to the amount of people you can refer to Howdy. However, don’t spam and don’t send junk referrals or your membership will be terminated.

Do I earn when I refer someone to Howdy?

Yes, you will earn if the crew you refer to the system earn commission. You will earn 5% of their commission amount every month. You do not earn money if a referred crew member does not make referrals. This is a free to use system and money is only made when sales are generated for the suppliers. There are 3 types of referrals in the system:

1 – refer some one to sign up and become a crew member like you

2 – refer a lead to a supplier

3 – refer a supplier to sign up in the system

When do I get paid?

You get paid by the 15th of the month after the supplier pays the commission. A referral is done in month 1 and turns into a sale in month 1. The supplier is invoiced at the end of month 1 and has till the 7th to make payment. This is then paid to the referrer by the 15th on the month.

Note: Crew only get payment after the supplier has paid commission over to Howdy. If for some reason the supplier does not pay then Howdy is not liable for the commission however will endevour to retrieve all commissions owed by suppliers within a timely manor.

How do I make money?

Each referral you make is monitored by the system. Once the referral turns into a sale the referral status is updated. Once updated and a sale is generated you earn commission. Suppliers are invoiced by Howdy and once Howdy recieves the monies commissions are paid to crew by Howdy.


I am a supplier and want to join...

You are welcome to. Simply apply online along with your commission offering. Your application will be reviewed by Admin. Once accepted your offering will be viewable on the crew pages and in the crew sections and crew will start proposing your product or service and/or start sending you referrals.

As a supplier what’s the cost?

The cost is commission based only and the commission amount is only paid on a referral that generates a sale. You set your own commission amount – make it fair. A rule of thumbs is above 10% of the value of the deal that is concluded.

When do I pay?

During a month you mark referrals as “Sold” when they generate a sale. When you mark the referral as Sold you add the full commission amount. At the End of the month, you will receive an invoice for the commission owing – you have 7 days to make payment.

Do I need to pay and keep track of each crew member?

No – you simply update the leads that generate a sale with the commission amount – Howdy will do the rest.

Do I need to deal with each crew member?

No, Crew members should not make any contact directly with suppliers as all they should do is to (send) the lead in the system. No direct leads outside of the system are permitted as the referral cannot be tracked and are this outside the Terms of Service (TOS) of the platform.

What if I don’t pay and don’t update the system?

Howdy is an ethical platform and aims to operate a system of integrity. As such this is simply against the nature of the platform and against the TOS. If you do this as a supplier, you will be blacklisted, and proceedings will be instituted against you to recover commissions for the crew members. You will also appear on the page of banned suppliers.

Can I join as a crew member also and add referrals for other suppliers?

Yes, you are absolutely welcome to join. Note that each email address must either be a supplier or a crew, so if you registered as a supplier please register again using another email as a crew member.